the ride | tanakpur to uttarakashi, uttarakhand | apr-may 2016

the plan

11 Dec 2016 | Leh, Ladakh


although Joshimath, Uttarakhand was the supposed end of phase I of the ride, we didn’t end up going up there. the flurry of religious tourists during May to the many temples across this region made it feel like we were back in the city. we headed on to Uttarakashi and then further up to Gangotri glacier instead


12 Dec 2016 | Leh, Ladakh

just glad that Bangalore has an lbs like Crankmeister Bicycle Works. completely dedicated to bikes, these guys are as passionate as they come. a health check before setting out from home was on top of the to-do list.

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phase I: tanakpur to uttarakashi, uttarakhand

 15 Dec 2016 | Leh, Ladakh

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Uttarakhand is an unforgettable experience. some stuff we saw was disturbing, but the number of things that are beautiful about this state outnumber them. which we hope means that we still have a chance to do something about protecting the ecology here. but, just wondering how many really give a shit about this. or even reading this.

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